The Wrangler The #1 student news site of Yorba Linda High School Fri, 13 Sep 2019 03:55:41 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Criminal Investigation Launched for Diving Boat Fire Fri, 13 Sep 2019 03:55:41 +0000 A criminal investigation has been launched investigating the boat fire that took thirty-four lives on Labor Day, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Only five survivors were reported from the thirty-nine passengers aboard the Conception, the diving boat that caught fire off the coast of Santa Cruz Island. Now, the federal authorities are investigating to see if any maritime laws were violated and if the incident was the result of criminal negligence. 

As of Tuesday, September 9, all but one body has been found. Santa Barbara County sheriff’s Lt. Erik Raney told the press that the body may not necessarily be inside the boat. 

As part of the investigation, Truth Aquatics, Inc., the owner of the Conception, was served a search warrant by the Coast Guard Investigative Service on Sunday, said Raney. The OC Register said, “agents with the FBI, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and other agencies searched Truth Aquatics’ offices in Santa Barbara and the company’s two remaining boats.”

The Thursday after the fire, Truth Aquatics, Inc., filed a lawsuit under an 1851 maritime law that limits their liability. Many have criticized the move, calling it disrespectful to the families of the deceased, especially because they still have six months to official file claims. 

The Conception did not have certain safety measures such as a “roaming night watchman who remains awake to alert passengers of any fire or other danger,” according to what law enforcement officers told the Los Angeles Times. Crew members said they did not have “adequate training to handle a major emergency” and that “passengers may not have received thorough safety briefings.” 

Fire experts are planning to examine the vessel once it is brought up from the ocean to a Ventura dock, said the Los Angeles Times, and “the National Transportation Safety Board is conducting an investigation that could result in recommendations that have a wider impact on the dive boat industry.” 

Part of the investigation by the NTSB is evaluating the smoke detectors, escape hatch, and fire extinguishers, board member Jennifer Homendy told CNN. 

“It’s a horrifying accident,” Raymond Nguyen (12) said, “especially because of how unexpected and sudden it was.”

So far, the weather has prevented the boat from being retrieved from the water, but sources told CNN that it may be brought up on Wednesday. 

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Normal is Boring Fri, 06 Sep 2019 01:56:24 +0000 Normal is boring, right? Well, being anything other than the norm is rather intimidating. The human being is wired to be comforted by company. Thus, when one individual decides to take a step off society’s pre-paved path, there are elements of risk and loneliness. Nonetheless, such negative factors are only to be accompanied by elements of self-satisfaction and all around success in the game of life.

This “game of life” has three main characters according to Mike Smith, speaker, consultant, ambassador, author, media sensation, and leader. First, there are the “wishers,” who constantly wish that they had someone else’s life instead of their own. Second, there are the “talkers,” who constantly talk about what they are going to do with their life but never actually follow through with what they say. Third, there are the “doers.” These individuals simply mind their own business and do whatever their heart desires. From helping those in need to traveling the world to speak to students to writing his own books, Mike Smith is unequivocally a doer. And he shares his story of what he has done.

Yorba Linda High School was lucky enough to have the opportunity to hear Mike Smith share his story. He explained that he grew up as a little skater kid tearing up the city day in and day out, just him and his board, when he found out that he and his family were to move to a rural town in Nebraska, where there were more cows than humans. Throughout his academic career, it was obviously hard for him to fit in with these kids who had grown up in such a different lifestyle. So, he had to make the decision whether he was going to be liked by others or liked by himself (hint: he walked into the first day of middle school with purple hair). Once high school rolled around, he eventually realized his athletic talents, which led him to more popularity and of course, arrogance. As time went on, that little promise that he made to himself about not tending to the likings of others seemed to slowly shatter piece by piece. Mike Smith saw this and did something about it. He has dedicated the rest of his life to picking up those shattered pieces and repairing them with what he loves to do: helping others.

Sterling Millsap (11) explained that, “by connecting to us high schoolers, he makes us feel that if he can help the world around him, we can help the world around us in our own way. He praises our differences and acknowledges our similarities at the same time.”

Mike Smith told the audience a short story of him in high school. After being suspended, his football coach told him that if he wrote an essay as to what he wanted to do when he was older, his punishment would be less harsh. Having no clue where his interests would someday take him, he instead wrote about a warehouse that he someday wanted to build. It would combine skateboarding and graffiti-like art into the perfect dream building. Years later, Mike Smith turned that little dream of his into reality. Ridiculed for spending his precious years dedicated to building a skatepark, he ignored those who do not understand that everyone receives one opportunity to live their own life the way they want to live it.

There is only a small percentage of society who are passionate enough about what they love to actually take the risks needed to live a life full of this love. It all comes down to how bad one wants it. A large percentage of society was simply born without the appetite and the hunger that drives people like Mike Smith to live and to love the way he does. But hey, Mike Smith is not the norm. Mike Smith is not boring. 

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Student Spotlight: Kylee Knight Thu, 06 Jun 2019 19:39:43 +0000 There are roughly 1800 students on campus daily at Yorba Linda High School. With so many kids roaming around the hallways it is hard to keep track of what each student is up to. From D1 football players to amazing actresses, there are so many talented students on campus. One of these talented students being Kylee Knight (11).

Kylee is a junior at YLHS and is involved in many different groups and organizations on campus. This is her first year on women’s varsity volleyball and has been a part of the program since her freshman year. Kylee is also a part of the yearbook class on campus and takes pride in everything that her group has created this year. In addition, Kylee is involved in many clubs on campus.

Kylee is able to juggle these extracurriculars alongside her very difficult academic schedule. This year Kylee is taking AP Calculus AB, AP Language Arts, and AP Chemistry. At the moment Kylee’s GPA is a 4.2. She is able to have such a high GPA by the way she manages her time throughout her day.

To many, Kylee may seem to lead a very simple life. She is very athletic, pretty, witty, and smart. Everyone goes through their struggles though. Kylee’s mom was very young when she had her and her biological dad has not been in the picture for most of her life. Kylee’s step dad adopted her a few years ago and she considers him to be the only father figure she has ever had. Kylee also had to watch her mom battle cancer during her freshman year.

Kylee has not let any of these events in her life stop her from being one of the best on the court and in the classroom. She has overcome each and every struggle with grace and elegance. Kylee has also had some help from her best friend, Madison Miller (11), over the years. According to Madison (11), Kylee is “such an amazing friend and [she] does not know what [she] would do without Kylee in [her] life.”

Next year Kylee is planning on enrolling in AP Calculus BC, AP Government, AP Economics, AP Literature, and AP Physics. She also plans on playing volleyball for the second year on varsity at YLHS to prepare for college. Overall, Kylee is an amazing scholar athlete that deserves every achievement she receives now and in the future.


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Men’s Varsity Golf Season 2019 Wed, 05 Jun 2019 14:47:12 +0000 Each year, one sports team that always shows up is our men’s golf teams. At YLHS, men’s golf has always seemed to rise to the occasion in our league. Ringing true this year as well, your Mustang golfers are league champions once again. This season was so successful for the men’s varsity golf team so a recap of the season is in order.


This season for the men’s varsity golf team was definitely one for the books. Overall, the Mustang golfers had very few losses and really bonded as a team. With only four losses during the regular season, this year’s varsity team broke records with the least amount of losses for the team as compared with previous years. When asked what his favorite thing about playing golf this season, varsity golfer Ahmed Suri (11) responded, “My favorite thing about golf this season is that I get to spend time with such a great group of guys while playing a sport which requires discipline and perseverance. Playing a bunch of courses in around SoCal is an added benefit.”


In addition to their regular season successes, our Mustangs continued their greatness at CIF. The individual CIF Southern Section Golf Tournament was hosted at Sky Links in Long Beach. At the tournament, Joshua Hu (12) placed second out of 120 players. Joshua scored three under par (-3) for a grand total of 69 strokes. He was only one stroke away from becoming first place. Joshua’s second place win qualified him for Regionals. At the first round of Regionals, Joshua scored two over par (+2) at Goose Creek Golf Course in Jurupa Valley. His achievement advanced him to the next round of Regionals. Continue to show your support for Joshua as he continues to represent our school!


For the team CIF final, our Mustangs broke our school record for and placed third out of 17 other teams. Hosted at Talega Golf Club in San Clemente, the score was 379. Our team was led by low medalist Brannon Fahrny (10) with a 68 strokes. This CIF final was a result of all the hard work shown this season.


The men’s varsity golf team is only getting stronger as YLHS is becoming more established. The success of the team this season was the culmination of the coaching staff and the talents of our Mustangs. With the help of Coach Riggs (Staff) and Coach Toro (Staff) running the golf program, this sport will only continue to grow at YLHS.


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YLHS Band and Guard Travels to Hawaii for Spring Break Performances Wed, 05 Jun 2019 14:46:16 +0000 If you watched the episode of Mustang Mix that aired just before the big Spring Vacation, then you probably remember most of the interviewed students in YL-On answered “Hawaii” when asked where they were going for break. Unsurprisingly, this was because most of the students were in our very own Band Room.


Over the break, the Band and Guard took an entire week-long trip to the Hawaiian island of Oahu (despite most answering with the incorrect answer of “the big one” in Mustang Mix in response to which island they were going to). The experience was full of native culture, history, and, of course, a good time.


They left for their trip early Saturday morning, arriving at school to meet up and check in with Mr. Garcia, the Band Director, at the wonderful hour of 3 AM. Despite being groggy and snappy, the students were excited to get on their way to the tropical islands, many for the first time. Once they landed  from their 5 and a half hour flight, they unpacked in their rooms- separated by floor for the boys and girls- and then had time to explore the various shops along the beach.


The next day, they had some well-deserved beach-time. After all, what’s Hawaii without its beautiful beaches? Band kids need to get tan somehow! Later that day, they went to something extra special: Germaine’s Luau! If a big party with amazing food and cool fire dancers weren’t enough, the Luau’s guests had an even greater treat: Mr. Garcia dancing with one of the hula dancers. Roaring laughter could be heard emanating from the band as he showed his skilled moves. And, of course, band kids would be more than happy to point you in the direction of someone who recorded the whole thing.


After that full night of fun, they headed off to Waikiki’s local Aquarium. While it’s nowhere near as big as Long Beach’s, it still holds many beautiful creatures inside, many only native to the Hawaiian islands.


However, this was not just a leisurely vacation. These performers had two shows to give their all for.


The first took place on Monday afternoon, right after the Aquarium at the local Blue Note. For those who are unfamiliar with the music industry, fear not. The Blue Note is a renowned jazz club with locations all across America, though the most famous is the one in New York. The performances included Jazz 1 and an octette (a group of 8 performer), which even included two members from YLHS’s orchestra!


While the first few days had multiple excursions stuffed into the day, Tuesday was exclusive to one: a day-long ride on a catamaran. During this ride over the crystal blue waters, they visited the world’s largest sandbar, reaching an incredible measurement of 6 miles long and one mile wide. Some students tried to walk across it, but it proved too long to achieve within the limits of supervision. Since the water was only two feet deep, they had a friendly competition in a wet game of volleyball.  


But that’s not all: they even went  snorkeling by some beautiful reefs and get up close to majestic sea turtles and colorful schools of fish.


Wednesday turned out to be a much busier day than the rest. This day was jam packed with Pearl Harbor, a nearby swap meet, the Diamond Head hike, and, of course, their last parade of the year.


And finally, the trip came to a close with their last full day. Thursday started off with an island bus tour, which included a lava formation across a beach, a Buddhist temple, locations that have been used for movie sets (such as “Lost,” the original “Karate Kid,” or “Jurassic Park), and the Dole Plantation, where they tried their hand at the world’s largest maze. They finished off the day with a lovely dinner cruise on a yacht.


Friday was the day YL’s wonderful performers finally came home. They packed, bought a few more souvenirs, then boarded their red eye flight to arrive on Saturday morning.


Two years prior, in spring of 2017, they also took a trip to San Francisco, which also centered around a parade performance for the program (this particular one was for Chinese New Year). The Jazz Band also has annual performances in Reno, several hours north of home. But this Hawaii trip was different than any old excursion. Garcia had this plan in the works for years. It goes without saying that something like this comes with a lot of planning and expenses. All those moving parts with half the program and multiple chaperones- not to mention legal workings of having the students so far from home without their parents present- are a lot to handle.


Overall, these students had a wonderful time, as busy as it was. They can say for certain that it was an experience that they wouldn’t forget anytime soon.

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First Ever Photograph of Black Hole Captured by Scientists at NASA Wed, 05 Jun 2019 14:46:03 +0000 The first ever picture of a black hole was taken by NASA’s telescope, Event Horizon, and was released on Wednesday, April 10 to the public, creating a swarm of excitement all over the globe. This particular black hole, named M87, as well as Sagittarius A, is the one lying in the center of our very own galaxy: the Milky Way!


Black Holes are, according to NASA, “a place in space where gravity pulls so much that even light can not get out.” In respect to galaxies, they allow many, but not all, of them to form together and rotate around the black hole, much like individual solar systems around a star, to create that spiral look.


For years, the idea of taking a photo of a black hole seemed ridiculous. How could one possibly photograph something black? It’s kind of hard to see a black object that reflects no light in the dark vacuum of space, which, shockingly, is filled with black. And yet, here we are in 2019 with an actual image of our galaxy’s black hole.


How did they manage to accomplish such a feat?


Over 200 scientists worked together to get this massive project off the ground. Without their contributions, this image would not have been possible. According to Jet Propulsion Laboratory, scientists have already theorized that an image could be taken of a black hole, granted it had a backdrop of color and light to point out its location. Deciding to actually take this on, they did just that, giving us the image we have today.


They did so by using a method that allows them to photograph far-away images. This is known as Very Long Baseline Interferometry, or VLBI. It works by putting together smaller telescopes that they synchronize to focus on the same object- the black hole- and act as one giant telescope.


However, while there were indeed many intelligent people working together on this, much of the focus online is directed at one individual: Katie Bouman. Sites like CNN gush over her contribution, proclaiming that it wouldn’t have been possible to capture the image without her. Several went as far as making her the “face” of the black hole after an image of her was released with an overwhelmed and excited face about the release.


And what exactly was her contribution? An algorithm that helped devise the imaging methods. As an MIT graduate, she led the development of the new algorithm that would stitch together data collected from several radio telescopes around the globe, all of which was under an international collaboration. As MIT News would describe it, “The project seeks, essentially, to turn the entire planet into a large radio telescope dish.”


“This was really a huge team effort,” said Bouman in regard to people’s reactions to her contributions. “I know there’s a lot out there in the media right now [that are] incorrectly saying that I made this picture of the black hole [myself], and that could be no farther from the truth. This is an effort from many people, over many years and many different backgrounds.”


According to The Stanford Daily, Bouman is a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard as well. In this upcoming June, she is set to become an assistant professor at the California Institute of Technology.


The photo that the news spread around the internet may seem to be a bit of a let down. After all, not many people can get excited over a blurry image. However, that blurry image isn’t actually the full thing. In reality, the photo released was much larger and had a much higher quality. The loss of quality was due to news sites zooming in on the location of the black hole rather than posting the entire thing. Luckily, the full sized image is quite mesmerizing.

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Dual Enrollment Wed, 05 Jun 2019 14:44:49 +0000 Recently this year, the counselors here at Yorba Linda High School have started to promote dual enrollment courses to the students. Dual enrollment just means that you are enrolled in both high school and college courses. By participating in these courses you can expand your high school resume, as well as setting yourself up to be ahead of other students when you start college.

Yorba Linda High School offers six different courses that you can take that range from the history of art in Mexico to music appreciation. These courses are available to all the high schools in the Placentia Yorba Linda School District. Each class is taught at one of the four high schools from 3:15-5:05 two days a week. Taking one of these courses can either replace one of your high school courses or can be an additional class on top of your schedule. Either way, these classes are an amazing and easy way to get ahead, as well as making yourself more appealing to four year colleges if and when you decide to apply to them.

On top of the courses taught at the four high schools, you can also take dual enrollment classes at our local community colleges, including Santiago Canyon College, Fullerton Junior College, and Santa Ana College. By taking dual enrollment classes on one of these campuses you have access to a larger variety of classes, time frames, and locations. Samantha Bohling (12) says she “will start college as a Sophomore since she took so many dual enrollment classes during high school.”

If you choose to take your class at a local college and wish to have the class go onto your high school transcript you need to talk to your counselor at your high school and they will give you a form to fill out. You will also need to print a CAP form off of your college’s website and get approval from your counselor to take the course. Once you do that you can turn it into your college and you are ready to register!

Dual enrollment is a great opportunity that is offered to students here at Yorba Linda High School. I personally take advantage of this opportunity and would recommend that everyone else does as well. It has not only helped me get into better four year colleges, but I will also start college as a Sophomore wherever I decide to go. Plus all college courses are free to high school students so you do not have to pay tuition, all you have to do is buy textbooks. This means you can take multiple college courses for a much cheaper price than you would be paying in a couple of years for the same courses!

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Keep it Classy: College Admissions Scandal Part 2 Wed, 05 Jun 2019 14:44:19 +0000 Last month, the world was left in shock after the FBI exposed the true corruption that takes place within the United States education system. Colleges across the country were accused of accepting bribes and allowing students in who would normally not meet their demanding criteria.


Disgraced actresses, Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin, were among the wealthy parents who testified in court on April 4th after evidence of them cheating and bribing the system to get their children into prestigious universities emerged.


Huffman, Loughlin, and Mossimo Giannulli were among ten defendants who waived a pretrial hearing and signed conditions of their release; after that they were free to leave. Three other defendants rescheduled their court dates and Gregory and Amy Colburn pleaded not guilty to charges of conspiracy to commit mail fraud and honest services mail fraud and money laundering conspiracy.


Huffman released a statement on April 9th stating that she would be pleading guilty for paying $15,000 for her daughter to cheat on the SAT and it is rumored that she may spend as little as four months in prison. It is not known whether or not Loughlin and Giannulli will plead guilty or take a plea deal. They could face two to two and a half years in prison if convicted (ELLE). This sentence seems extremely lenient due to the fact that they cheated and bribed their children into elite schools, taking the opportunity away from extremely hardworking and deserving students (CNN).


Olivia Jade and Isabella Giannulli, prominent students involved in the scandal,  have withdrawn from USC on their own in fear of harassment and have been completely distraught. Senior associate athletic director, Donna Heinel, and water polo coach, Jovan Vavic, have both been fired from USC for involvement in the scandal. USC’s interim President Wanda M. Austin has announced that they plan to use any money received in connection with the alleged scheme to fund scholarships for underprivileged students.


Salma Almoradi (12) thinks “it’s so crazy how extensive and deep this scandal was and how so many people were involved,” and is  “definitely glad that these people are getting the punishment they deserve for trying to cheat the system and take away spots from deserving applicants to these prestigious schools.”


Last month John Vandemoer pleaded guilty for accepting $110,000 and $160,000 in bribes to recruit unqualified students as sailing applicants when neither student had experience. Stanford has also recently expelled an unidentified student who lied on their college application and was linked to a $500,000 donation from the charity involved in the college admissions scam.


Many of the other schools, such as UCLA, Yale, Georgetown University, etc., involved have fired many coaches for accepting bribes and are currently still investigating other students involved in the scandal.


The investigation is still ongoing and many of the people involved are yet to plead and be sentenced. This scandal was able to shed light on the internal corruption of the education system, and will hopefully never occur again

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Trump China Tariffs Wed, 05 Jun 2019 14:43:58 +0000 The stock market witnessed a drop after President Trump increased tariffs on China throughout the month of May. The United States increased tariffs from 10% to 25% on $200 billion of Chinese goods. The Dow had dropped 270 points Sunday evening, while S&P 500 and Nasdaq futures were down more than 1%. In May, he announced plans to impose a 25% tariff on $325bn of other Chinese goods.


On Monday, May 13th, the Dow dropped again. Asian markets have also acquired a large loss with the Nikkei (N225) dropping around 0.5% and the Shanghai Composite (SHCOMP) falling nearly 1%. The increased tariffs have evoked fear amongst Wall Street investors of an escalating trade war between the United States and China with both of them raising tariffs.


The increased tariffs, which is a tax on a product made abroad, introduces a huge problem to companies. They will either have to decrease their profit or increase the prices of their products which will decrease the demand for their products.


The increased tariff makes people less likely to buy them since their prices will most likely go up. The theory is that increased tariffs will drive people to buy local products, boosting their country’s economy.


Many fear that this will spark a hostile trade war with China. A trade war, in simplest terms, is when countries try to attack each other’s trade with taxes and quotas. One country will raise tariffs causing the other to respond. This causes political tension and can damage both nations’ economies. President Trump, however, does not seem to care about rising political tensions and damaging economies.


On March 2nd 2018, he tweeted that “when a country (USA) is losing many billions of dollars on trade with virtually every country it does business with, trade wars are good, and easy to win. Example, when we are down $100 billion with a certain country and they get cute, don’t trade anymore-we win big. It’s easy!” This tweet shows how he’s had this idea in mind for quite a while.


Trump also wants to cut the trade deficit with China, a country that he’s been accusing of unethical trade practices since before his presidency.


Many believe that Trump’s plan will not be successful in the way he hopes and that the economy may be affected negatively for a while due to this decision.


Salma Almoradi (12) believes that “[she] does not believe Trump’s plan will work because he has not fully thought through his decisions and [she] hopes the economy will suffer too drastically for too long.”


The US steel industry may profit since the demand will increase. However, US companies that need raw materials, like car and aeroplane makers, will have an increase in production costs. This will negatively affect their customers who will have to see a rise in price in products. Items such as cars, plane tickets, and maybe even beer could see a increase in prices in the United States (BBC).


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France’s Harassment Laws Wed, 05 Jun 2019 14:43:18 +0000 In November of 2018, a viral video of a woman being punched by a man who she confronted after he sexually harassed her was posted. The woman in the video, Maria Laguerre, became a front runner for the #MeToo Movement. After this video, France passed legislation that was much stricter on the harassment of women.

This legislation, which was approved by France’s National Assembly,  outlaws “degrading, humiliating, intimidating, hostile, or offensive” comments. If caught in the act, one can be fined $104 to $876. The law also applies to wolf whistles and similar forms of harassment. Within just eight months, 447 fines have been handed out (CNN).


Melody Saba (12) says that “France is definitely making major progress with this legislation and [she] does not believe it’s harsh. Any form of harassment should be punished and women should be able to live their lives in peace without having to constantly worry about being harassed. [She] actually believes every country should be just as strict. That will be the only way we can significantly reduce harassment.”  


This legislation is definitely a step in the right direction. Even though France is doing their part to show that the harassment of women is not tolerated there are no such laws in existence in the United States.


A nonprofit organization called Stop Street Harassment launched a survey in January of 2018 that showed 81% of women and 43% of men have gone through some form of sexual harassment in their lifetime. These statistics cover all forms of harassment such as verbal forms of sexual harassment, like being catcalled or whistled at or getting unwanted comments of a sexual nature and includes physical harassment, cyber harassment and sexual assaults.


Alarmingly, 77% of women had at least experience verbal harassment, 51% had been groped without consent, 51% reported being harassed sexually online, and 27% reported surviving sexual assault.


With these statistics, it seems that France is definitely not going overboard with the strictness of this new legislation. In fact, more countries should follow in their footsteps.


Grace Kim (12) thinks that “the United States should take similar steps that France took in improving the lives of women by being stricter in condemning harassment and therefore eliminating that threat. It is amazing that in 2019 women still live in fear of being verbally harassed and assaulted and it’s truly such a sad reality. The United States’ government promises a nation of freedom and acceptance, yet women are harassed for their sexuality. This must change.”  


The new French legislation that puts a strict ban on all forms of sexual harassment is definitely a beacon of hope for more countries to make the same changes for the well being of all women. No one should have to live in fear of harassment and more countries should do more to protect women against any form of harassment no matter how minor.

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